Follow up after second chemo

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Today is blood work day following our second round of chemo. Here’s Arktik’s opinion about going for another blood work 😉

And his buddy Chaluppa agrees!

Other than that Arktik is well and happy. He can still run very fast, dig and play with his friends.

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3 thoughts on “Follow up after second chemo”

  1. Awwww…you’ll be fine, Arktik. You’ve overcome amputation – you can handle a bit of blood work! Patricia – is your vet recommending blood tests after each round of chemo? Griffin had blood tests done week 1 and week 2 after his first round of chemo, and since the results were okay, he doesn’t need to have additional tests for subsequent rounds of chemo. I hope you and Arktik have something fun planned after the vet visit! Hugs to both of you! Stacy & Griffin

  2. I believe the oncologist wanted us to go after each round, but it only once between the rounds. But since everything is fine I will ask him if this is really necessary. We have 2 more to go.

    He mentionne we could take another lung xray at some point, he said maybe next time (in round 3). Not sure if it would be best at the end completely after round 4. On one hand, I would like to know where we stand but on the other hand if there is something showing on the xray I am not sure I want to know. I am scared I will be devastated again. I know this reaction is like putting my head in the sand not wanting to know but this is always stressful.

  3. That banner of his takes my breath away everytime. He is just stunning.
    My Happy Hannah had four rounds of chemo. Can’t remeber for sure, but I think the offered to do xrays either after roundmthree or after four. Linda’s thinking it was round four. Anyway, I did not do them. She sailed through her four rounds and was Happy and feeling great!
    For me…and this was just me…regardless of what the xrays showed, it wouldn’t change my “plan” to not pursue a y heavy duty treatment t if she had a met. Some “need to know”, some don’t. I’m more of the burying the head in the sand type. For me, regardless of the outcome, it wouldn’t change anything other than mess with my head. For me, and, again, this is just me, it was much easier for me to “live in the now” without worrying about what may be going on “inside” her and just guage her by what was going on “outwardly”. Finances entered into too, but not the deciding factor.
    It is such a personal decision based on what resonates best with you. Truly no right or wrong!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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