Last chemo today!! YAY :)

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Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the long silence. We have just been busy enjoying life and the amazing weather 🙂

Arktik is on his way to his last chemo treatment! We are happy to say that we will be done with the treatment (and the big expenses) but on the other hand it comes with a little bit of anxiety about the rest. We have decided not to do another chest x-ray for now. One of the reason being financial (we could always do it at our regular clinic instead for 1/3 of the price) and the other reason being that it would not change anything as we already did everything we could. If there would be mets I think I would just be devastated. On the other hand, I will like to see that there are none ..(I know…it doesn’t work like this!)

On a positive note, Arktik is being his puppy self. Always happy and active. Here are some photos and videos!

We have been visiting friends! Arktik was quite happy about this even if they are not exactly his size.

Then we had to stop for a good drink! Arktik enjoying the cool water a lot, even if he took a little did not offend him one bit.

He likes to show the way to his little buddies 😉

And here’s a couple of photos 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Last chemo today!! YAY :)”

  1. Saw this great update in the forums and, again, YAAAAAAY FOR ARTIK!!!
    He is sich a shining example of why we do what we do around here. He is soooo happy and definitely enjoying life on three! He’s with his pack, he’s pain free and clearly showing us all what it’s like to Be More Dog and live in the NOW!!
    Gonna a go watch the videos again because they ,ake me so happy!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Looking good Arktik! Congrats on completing the chemo, quite the milestone. When Nitro finished chemo, I also made the decision to not do X-rays…like you said, it wouldn’t change anything, everything that could be done was done. I needed to bury my head in the sand just a bit, and stop obsessing over everything. We were one of the lucky ones – he lived for over 3 years after his amp – and his cancer never did return. Enjoy this beautiful boy, he sure is living life to the fullest!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

    1. Wow Paula! I really hope we get this far. Thanks for your message it is really comforting to know what others have done and been through. Arktik is sure enjoying every moment. With the whole Covid thing, we have been able to spend so much more time together. Fingers crossed for as many years as you got with Nitro to have many more adventures!

  3. Wooohooo! Apologies not needed, no news is good news and that’s what counts!

    Bet you never thought this day would come eh? Congratulations to all of you! What a big hop forward, and now on to lovin’ life without vet visits for a while. Get out there, have fun with all your pals and enjoy life as only you can Arktik. You are a true inspawration!

    1. Thanks Jerry! I think Arktik will be happy to be done with the needle poking everywhere. He has been a very good boy throughout the whole process. Now we just enjoy being a husky puppy 😉

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