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Vacation time :)

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We have not been really good give updates about our adventures lately but all is well. Arktik and I have just been enjoying the best time during this summer! We did a little vacation at the beach in Ontario. We booked a pet friendly hotel that was right next to a giant dog park. We had the best time.

Here are some photos and videos of our little vacation

Out set up at the beach 🙂 Arktik has been. such a good boy the whole time. We were switching between going in the water a little and relaxing in the shades on the towel.

This husky even got my hat to protect his face from the sun…(obviously he could not lie down completely in the shades haha)


Arktik posing with the view

Enjoying a little walk on the main beach!


Arktik seems perfectly happy lying down on our bed in the hotel room (we brought his bed too but apparently he likes the luxury of the hotel bed)

Me and Arktik relaxing, this is the little pet friendly beach! Super fun and perfect sandy beach for pups who like to enjoy quiet water.


And finally some time at the dog park with friends!



This sums up our little vacation! Other than this we have been doing our daily walk (early in the morning because this summer has been so hot). Arktik seems happy and energetic, the only thing lately is that he got picky with his food again. So this is always a worry for me as I never know if it is because he does not feel well or if he just got tired eating his food (which he has done often in the past). He’s showing appetite for other food (i.e. our meals;)  So.. considering he seems good other than that I try to not worry too much (I’m sure some of you can rely getting worried over the smallest thing right?)

I will give you more updates soon! With more photos and videos 🙂 As the temperature is cooling down here, Arktik and I will be able to go for more daily adventures!





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Arktik being his husky self :)

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Hello Everyone,

We have been quiet on the blog and the forum because we are too busy enjoying life and the summer. Arktik is still doing well and enjoying every days! He think the summer is a bit hot to his taste (especially that he has not shed his winter coat..I think the chemo probably affected that..) but other than that we are all having a good time together.

Here are some videos of our daily walks/runs..Arktik always love the coyote dry poop…best thing to roll in! He probably think he is part of the pack haha


Last chemo today!! YAY :)

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the long silence. We have just been busy enjoying life and the amazing weather 🙂

Arktik is on his way to his last chemo treatment! We are happy to say that we will be done with the treatment (and the big expenses) but on the other hand it comes with a little bit of anxiety about the rest. We have decided not to do another chest x-ray for now. One of the reason being financial (we could always do it at our regular clinic instead for 1/3 of the price) and the other reason being that it would not change anything as we already did everything we could. If there would be mets I think I would just be devastated. On the other hand, I will like to see that there are none ..(I know…it doesn’t work like this!)

On a positive note, Arktik is being his puppy self. Always happy and active. Here are some photos and videos!

We have been visiting friends! Arktik was quite happy about this even if they are not exactly his size.

Then we had to stop for a good drink! Arktik enjoying the cool water a lot, even if he took a little did not offend him one bit.

He likes to show the way to his little buddies 😉

And here’s a couple of photos 🙂

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